AIR is a preventive fungal disease detection program. It serves as a tool to help you target your interventions and better protect your crops.

  • Identification and analysis of airborne diseases
  • Suitable for many cropssuch as carrots, onions, potatoes, vines, etc.


  • A weather station is installed directly on each farm using the AIR method and transfers meteorological data in real time to the AIRrisk calculation software.
  • Spores are captured three times a week per 50 acres parcels of crop
  • The spore trap results combined with the compiled weather data is then summarized on a personalized report by the AIR application and computes the potential risk of infection and/or progression of disease.


  • Results available at all times, 24 to 48 hours after sampling
  • Follow the evolution of pathogens in your field and access your data history directly on your smartphone, tablet and/or computer

AIR benefits

  • Better pesticide management which allows farmers to target their applications following the principle of sustainable agriculture.
  • Limit microorganisms’ resistance, soil compaction and damages in your fields.
  • International program
  • Reduction of labour and machinery costs
  • Possibility of major savings


A farmer who wants to get the complete AIR service without worry.

Licence use right

A farm operator that uses AIR solely for his own farming operations in his own crop fields.

Licence commercialization right

A company that uses AIR for promotion and commercial operations in a specific territory.

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